Welcome to the CLIMARCTIC project website!


Partners and collaborators

Project coordinator

  • Prof. Dr. Elie Verleyen at Ghent University, Belgium
  • Partners

  • Prof. Dr. Mette Marianne Svenning at the Arctic University of Norway
  • Dr. Beat Frey at the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research
  • Dr. Antonio Quesada at the Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain
  • Prof. Dr. Ulf Karsten at Rostock University, Germany
  • Collaborators

  • Dr. Bjorn Tytgat
  • - co-coordinator, website
  • Prof. Dr. Wim Vyverman
  • Dr. Christophe Seppey
  • Dr. Ana Justel
  • Dr. Ramona Kern - postdoc at Rostock University
  • Dr. Katya Pushkareva - postdoc at Rostock University
  • Dr. Aline Frossard, research scientist at WSL
  • Students

  • Lotte De Mayer - PhD student, UGent
  • Pablo Almela - PhD student, UAM
  • Vivien Hotter - Master thesis student 2017-2018, Rostock University
  • Aslak von Düringen - Master thesis student 2018-2019, UiT
  • Tim Laebens - Bachelor thesis student 2019-2020, UGent
  • Up!